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Hardball U All District 2015

Cole McKay, MVP - Smithson Valley
James McArthur - New Braunfels
Connor Flanagan - Smithson Valley
Nathan Elam - Boerne Champion
Charlie Shipp - Boerne Champion
Nolan Ellis - Antonian
J J Avalos - Antonian


Hardball U Testimonials

After looking at many baseball programs, we sat down with Jeremy and listened to his philosophy regarding our wishes and thoughts for Dalton’s future in baseball. His philosophy to Sheryl and I, was dedication to Dalton and trust in what Hardball U will do for him and our family. From Dalton, good work ethics, listen, love of the game and most of all RESPECT for the game. After many years and roughly 11 seasons of staying loyal to Hardball U, we saw the difference between other programs and what Hardball U provided for Dalton.
Sheryl and I had the luxury of just being parents and spectators and not chasing college applications and worrying if Dalton will make it to the next level. Dalton had the privilege and pleasure of learning from some of the game’s best coaches, seeing great venues and entertaining college offers from all of the exposure he had by playing with Hardball U. His choice is proudly Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, a Division 1 College. Dalton’s talents will take him as far as he wants to go, but with Jeremy and Jerry Tyson and the Hardball U program, he was given more opportunities and exposure to be able to succeed. The Tysons and Hardball U will always be more than just a baseball program to us, they became part of our family. And for that, we will always be grateful.
We found someone that was constantly working for Dalton and his future. The road was a long one, but the journey was well worth the investment. If you are a parent looking for a great fit for your son and have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us.

                                                                                                              - Brett and Sheryl D"Spain


"Thank You" to Jeremy for allowing my son Matt Hilston the opportunity to experience playing "2011" summer ball with Hardball U. Matt has played ball for many, many years year round and has always wanted the chance to continue to play at the next level. Jeremy was very successful in getting Matt offers from several D1, D2 & JUCO programs. Matt's decision to play and go the JUCO route was the right decision, one he does not regret. Jeremy was always enthusiastic and worked hard to get Matt's name out there and get him the best opportunity possible. If you are looking for an organization to help your son move on to the next level, I do believe Hardball U is one of the best programs in the San Antonio area. Once again, Thanks to Jeremy and the Hardball U staff! ~

~ Liz Hilston, Mother of Matthew R. Hilston "2011" SVHS



I would like to thank you and all your staff at HardballU for working with Benjamin the last few months. We have recently just moved Ben to Ranger College and he is fully into his fall semester academically and is immersed in fall baseball. We are thankful for the effort made by you in the work done to place Ben with a baseball program as sound as Ranger College.

Ben had very little opportunity to compete at the high school level for the past two years, but was pitching quite often in bullpen sessions. When the senior season ended after playoffs, Ben still wanted to compete at the next level. I asked that you evaluate Bens pitching and give any input or recommendations. You worked on various delivery techniques and arm slot positions that made Ben more valuable in the eyes of the college scouts for whom he pitched. Also the contacts you had with the various college programs greatly increased his possibilities for finding a college team. In the end Benjamin received four offers to play in college. We were lead to Ranger by your relationship with the current coaching staff and are extremely pleased with Ben's decision to attend Ranger College.

Our summer experience playing tournaments with Hardball U was greatly appreciated and very beneficial for Ben. He was able to use what he learned in lessons and apply those techniques in real game situations. We would like to thank James for his effort in coaching the team. His knowledge of the game of baseball and enthusiasm for his athletes is to be commended. The teams' progress in skills and abilities was very noticeable. The hard work paid off for all the players involved this summer.

Jeremy again thanks for your hard work and effort, and we look forward to continue working with you in the future.

                                                                                                                          -John Lanik Father of Ben Lanik 2011

I was very impressed with scout day.  The entire event was first class.  Having it at Blossom Athletic Center and having 12-15 coaches looking at players shows Hardball U has the connections to place players on college teams. I just want to thank you for a great event!

-Jim Carroll

For the past 3 years I have been playing summer ball with a very well known organization in San Antonio. And through those years I wasn’t able to accomplish what took a mere week for coach Ty to do for me. Getting a scholarship was all that I cared about, and I got it, to Navarro Junior College. Coach Ty made one phone call and two days later I was in Corsicana meeting the coaches at Navarro. The next day they offered me a scholarship to play baseball for them. Since then Ty has helped me stay ready and prepared me to play at the next level, and I can only imagine what he could do for others around the state.

-Robby Van Cour - Reagen High School 2008

My son has been playing select ball since he was 10 years old. He has been involved with several great coaches, organizations and players. None better than Alamo Elite/Hardball U. If you are looking for exposure for your college bound player, to the top flight schools, you can’t beat this group. They will sell your son’s talent and attitude, until they find the right fit. I feel they have played a major role in getting Matt offers from more than ten D1, D2 and JUCO programs. I believe they care more about the kid, than the money.

-Eric James Father of Matthew James - New Braunfels Canyon 2008

Jeremy Tyson and Hardball U is the real deal. If you want the next level experience Hardball U is where you need to be.

-Chad Tredaway - Ft worth Cats (American Affiliation Champs 05. 06 .07)

In recruiting the greater San Antonio area there is only one place I look. Hardball U is the only real college pep organization in the area. Grayson CC has enjoyed working with Jeremy.

-Dusty Hart - Grayson CC (D1 Junior College National Champs 1999, 2000, 2008)

There’s nothing like an ex-recruiting coordinator to communicate with when dealing with these players. Coach Tyson can make the difference in your son’s life.

-Chip Durham - Nichols State (Southland Conference)

Our son has been playing baseball since the age of 4. He lives and breaths baseball. The coaching staff at Hard Ball U have taken him to the next level. Since he has been playing on this team, there is a fire in his eyes when he is on the field that we have not seen before. The level of instruction is outstanding. This is a group that is truly concerned with teaching these boys the proper mechanics of baseball. Our son's goal is to play High School and College ball and with the coaching and the training he receives with Hardball U he will be well on his way to achieving this goal. If you are looking for a rewarding experience and a team of coaches that devote themselves to the kids and proper training in the game of baseball, Hardball U is where you want to be.

-Joseph & Diana Rodriguez

Hardball U is providing our son, Wesley, with advanced fundamentals in baseball, which is greatly enhancing his all around baseball skills. This is aided by a very professional coaching staff. The coaching staff is a dedicated group of well rounded individuals who are willing to take the individual time required to develop each player. The coaching staff is upfront and honest with each player, as well as, the player’s parents. Wesley has developed and continues to develop into an even more confident, stronger and disciplined ball player.

We strongly support and recommend Hardball U to any young baseball player who would like to be coached and trained to be an outstanding baseball player.

-Chaplain Bill and Kim Johnson